Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I didn’t get a chance to post last week because Wednesday I was home sick, and then, well – Thanksgiving! A lot has happened.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a baptism service. I witnessed 13 people make a commitment to their church and to Jesus, and got to witness some beautiful testimonies. It was a beautiful way to start the Thanksgiving week.

Monday and Tuesday I went to work as normal. Wednesday I stayed home sick and (FINALLY!!) had internet installed at our new apartment. Since we have wi-fi up and running, I will be able to start posting some photo blogs. I’m really excited to start sharing my photography. I will also be able to write some more in-depth posts, since I can write from my computer instead of my phone.

I know it’s silly, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I really am thankful to have wi-fi! I am thankful to have this blog and for those that read it. I am thankful and excited for the future of this blog. I will try to post some photos soon!

Until I can post again, please enjoy these pictures of the turkey I made! This was the first year I ever made a turkey and I am so thankful for how amazing it turned out. Life tip: Stuff your turkey with citrus fruits and cook it in an oven bag, it will be amazing.

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