Quick Update! November is here!

Yikes – I posted one blog then just kind of disappeared. Oops! I promise I have a good reason!

My husband and I just moved two weeks ago. Boy, have we been busy! We have also been trying for a week now to get internet installed and that has been a headache on its own. We are still getting settled in, but overall it was a fairly smooth transition. Between unpacking and settling in and work, finding time to sit down and do anything has been difficult. I had big goals for this blog (and still do!), so I am really excited that WordPress has this mobile option. I’m able to write this post from my phone, which is extra convenient considering I have to get wifi at home. I just need to figure out how to add tags and categories to posts on the app. I am going to try to push myself to post something every Wednesday for the rest of the year.

I was planning for my second blog post to be about a senior photo session I did a few weeks back, but the file my photos are saved as isn’t compatible with WordPress. I am going to keep working on that and hopefully have some great shots to share with you all!

Thanks for baring with me through this update! Here are a few photos of our new place:

And bonus! A shot from my senior session:

Watch for another post next Wednesday (if not sooner)!

About Me

The first blog post is the hardest, right? I’ve been putting off starting this blog because I honestly just didn’t know where to start. I felt like I needed to have a theme and a direction and a plan. I like to try to be one of those one-step-ahead, everything-is-all-planned-out, perfectionist kind of people, but it’s not my strong suit. I’ve decided to let this blog lead the way – I will start typing and see where it takes me. For now, I’m just going to start with a simple introduction.

My name is Julia, I recently graduated from Fontbonne University with a BS in Speech-Language Pathology, and I spent probably 85% of my college career wondering if I chose the right degree. I married my best friend in January of this year. He also recently graduated with a degree in music. He has been in the band Crystal Lady for almost 4 years. From high school to college, a lot of our friends have been musicians, which is a pretty fun crowd to be a part of!

As for this blog, I hope it will be a nice creative outlet for me. Before graduating high school, I had planned to attend Truman State University as a Creative Writing major. Instead of following my heart, I went with a practical major, one with job security (something you can’t be too thankful for these days). Now as a graduate with two part-time jobs and still no clue what I really want to do with my life, I’ve finally decided to dive back into writing. I don’t know where this blog will take me, but I hope to at least just have some fun with it.

I hope you’ll stay posted for more! I plan to blog about my photography and about events and concerts I attend around town with my husband. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me!