Baby Fever!

Ya’ll, I got it bad!

I mean, who doesn’t love babies? I first got baby fever real bad when I first started at a daycare. I know, it’s kind of backwards. Being around screaming and crying infants, and especially toddlers, would probably send most people running. I loved it, though. There is no moment more precious or calming than holding a sleeping baby in your arms. My baby fever eventually let up and there are even some days I know I’m just not ready for a little one of my own yet. But there is something about hearing the news that someone I know is pregnant that just gives me baby fever all over again!

I’m here at the daycare today, sitting in a dark classroom while 4 and 5 year olds are sleeping, scrolling through the baby department on Amazon and reading blog posts about cloth diapers. I probably sound like a crazy person, but I like to think I will be well equipped and prepared when the time comes for my husband and I to start our own little family.

I am so excited to watch those around me start and grow their families. Children are a precious gift from God. I love the work I do and getting to spend time with these little ones. Babies and children remind me every day to smile, laugh, and not take things too seriously. Life is about living in the moment and appreciating the little things. We have so much to learn from kiddos.

Yes, I have crazy baby fever. But for now I’ll have to get my fix in the baby room at work, and I’m totally ok with that.

Quick Update! November is here!

Yikes – I posted one blog then just kind of disappeared. Oops! I promise I have a good reason!

My husband and I just moved two weeks ago. Boy, have we been busy! We have also been trying for a week now to get internet installed and that has been a headache on its own. We are still getting settled in, but overall it was a fairly smooth transition. Between unpacking and settling in and work, finding time to sit down and do anything has been difficult. I had big goals for this blog (and still do!), so I am really excited that WordPress has this mobile option. I’m able to write this post from my phone, which is extra convenient considering I have to get wifi at home. I just need to figure out how to add tags and categories to posts on the app. I am going to try to push myself to post something every Wednesday for the rest of the year.

I was planning for my second blog post to be about a senior photo session I did a few weeks back, but the file my photos are saved as isn’t compatible with WordPress. I am going to keep working on that and hopefully have some great shots to share with you all!

Thanks for baring with me through this update! Here are a few photos of our new place:

And bonus! A shot from my senior session:

Watch for another post next Wednesday (if not sooner)!